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Summer 2006 Art Bazaar

Come for a Week of Artistic Fun!
Then see your work displayed in Myhelan's Art Bazaar Finale
Gallery Exhibit August 19 - September 1!

“Myhelan's Summer Art Bazaar staff is wonderful. My children look forward to going each year. They feel safe there. It is like a home to them, and teaching them about other cultures through art is like teaching them another language. It’s another way to express themselves. Having Myhelan nearby has saved me a lot of trips to New York in order to provide my children with a multicultural experience I feel they need.”

--Donna Berman

Morning Session
9 a.m. - 12 noon
5 - 8 year olds

Afternoon Session
1 - 4 p.m.
9 - 12 year olds

All sessions are held in our air-conditioned classrooms at Myhelan Cultural Arts Center.

$175 per week, non-members
$150 per week, members

ART IS FUN! Especially during the summer time at Myhelan! The Summer Art Bazaar is designed to stimulate the imaginations of its young participants. Each one-week session will teach basic art skills, resourcefulness, teamwork, flexibility, and innovation. All materials will be supplied. The camp will be led again this year by Mount Olive art teacher Jennifer Dietrich and her talented and accomplished team of counselors.


July 10 – 14
Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking: Discover modern and contemporary artists, and learn their techniques of still-life painting. When weather permits, we’ll head outside to learn about painting en pleine aire (“in the open air”). We’ll also study artwork from different cultures like African henna body art and fabric print designs of India. Learn composition through a variety of media such as charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, paint, collage, and ink.

July 17 - July 21
Explore three-dimensional art using a variety of materials including clay, paper maché, and paper sculpture. Have fun learning hand-building and clay-slab construction techniques. Be inspired by the book Roberto the Insect Architect to create relief cityscapes. Learn about sculptures by artist Claes Oldenburg and create figurative sculptures inspired by the art of Haiti.

July 24-28
Celebrate the art and lives of seven great artists while experimenting with a variety of materials -- learn about Picasso’s abstract portraits, O’Keefe’s flower paintings, Van Gogh’s techniques, and more. Find out what made them famous and be inspired to create your own masterpiece! Learn the quick brushstrokes and color-mixing techniques of Impressionist painters like Monet and Renoir.

July 31-August 4
Through the eye of the camera, learning to see and seeing to learn, you will explore the elements of art through photography. Create your own camera from a shoebox! See an image develop and appear before your eyes! Venture outdoors to capture a landscape like Ansel Adams, or expose the essence of expression with portrait photography. Tell stories through pictures with the art of photojournalism. Even defy time and space with action photography!

August 7 - 11
Artwork is inspired by the world around us: books we read, music we hear, movies we see. Learn to draw your inspiration from a short story or even your favorite song! Experiment with various types of media ranging from paint to performance! Even junk can be turned into a work of art! Magazine mosaics, African masks, and Japanese fans are inspired by stories and music of cultures other than our own.

August 14-18
Discover the art of cinema and movie making just like a Hollywood director! Learn to write a script and a screenplay. Explore the roots of cinema with the study of theatre. Pantomime as your friends try to guess what you are trying to portray. Learn how lighting and character casting are essential to the outcome of a movie. Study the classics as you create history of your own!

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