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Joe's Bio: In a former life, circa 600 bc or so,  Joe Weil was a rather large and impressive Bermuda onion in the lap of a beautiful Persian princess. Each evening, when free from the constraints of the Harem, our princess would sit  alone in the garden admiring his Bermuda onion loveliness. One night, a terrible Satrap (are there any other kind) cut Weil up and skewered him on a kabob. The princess was, to say the least, devastated. Some two thousand six hundred years later, Weil, as a rather smaller, and somewhat less impressive poet, re-united with the princess who, by this time, had become an exiled Iranian Ballerina. They remained together in true, but, for all intents and purposes, tentative bliss for five years until she dumped him for a middle tier executive who could dance the Tango, all of which goes to prove that sometimes it is better to be a magnificent onion than it is to be poet.

In his present incarnation, Weil is a visiting professor in the creative writing department at SUNY, Binghamton, a singer, piano player, and the leading exponent of the five string guitar. He likes bird watching although he never does it. He is waiting for someone to watch birds with him. Until that blessed day, he is content to resist the overwhelming temptation to get out there in the field with a pair of binoculars and put his observation skills to use. If any Cardinals, Blue Jays, or Cormorants fly into the reading room tonight, Weil will be glad to take a long hard look at them. In liu of that, he is very happy to be here. He is very happy to be anywhere.

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