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Our Past
Highlights on Myhelan's Timeline, part 1

April 1993

An Evening of Poetry Reading
by Ntosake Shange

June 1993

Ecuadoran Folk Music by Andes Manta

November 1993

Art Exhibition
"Artes Vecinas/Artes Vizinhas"
by Doris Norgueira and Liliana Life

December 1994

Art Exhibition: "NJ Loves LA"

by CITY HEARTS & the youth of south-central Los Angeles

November 1995

Art Exhibition:
"Images of Aboriginal Australia"
Curator: Kate Flynn

More than 900 children, some as young as pre-school ages, toured the exhibit and learned about the Aboriginal culture. For many, this was the first time they had ever visited an art gallery.

Left: "Shark in Sections" by Terry Yamalulu. Terry paints on canvas, rather than the more traditional eucalyptus bark, because he has growing concerns about the overharvesting of eucalyptus in northern Australia.

Summer 1996

Totem Carving Artist-in-Residence
Schooley's Mountain Park

Totem carver, Hudson Favell, enchanted
more than 100 children attending local summer camps with stories of the Native American tradition of totem carving.


The 10-foot Totem Pole becomes a gift from MYHELAN to the West Morris YMCA for years of guidance and support.


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